29 Jul 2014

Show & Tell Linky!

My Show and Tell today is a little unusual ... for 2 reasons:

1. I don't usually share personal stuff and 
2. It's embarrassing ... but sort of funny ... but something I need to get over.

I AM A PERFECTIONIST (and I don't like it one little bit). Okay, that's not totally true. I like it in moderate amounts because it means I usually do a reasonably good job at whatever is important to me.

And actually, in all honesty I need to clarify. I'm not a perfectionist in all things, just stuff I make and stuff around my house. I like my house to be pretty and clean and tidy and when it's not I feel very very antsy. Unless I'm totally overworked and stressed out and then I don't care about my house. Good grief! Is everyone full of these kinds of contradictions?

But we've just had THE MOST BEAUTIFUL kitchen reno and I keep peering at the cabinets and discovering little marks and scratches!!!  That doesn't sound good, does it? Marks on 3-week-old cabinets? You might even be sympathizing with me. But people, even I have to admit these marks are so minuscule you can only see them in a certain light, from a certain angle, at a certain time of day!

So after much much much thought I've decided to seriously get to work on this character trait of mine. I need to put it in perspective. Because I'm very thankful for my beautiful new kitchen and realize how fortunate we are to be able to do something like this.

So my focus is going to be thankfulness, appreciation, and love for what I already have.  Oh yes, and maybe not wear my glasses in the kitchen!

That was my TELL and here is my SHOW ....

Freebie poster from Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

I made this silly little poster to remind myself and because it's NOT perfect but it's in colours and fonts I love and it makes me smile.

If you'd like a printable 8.5 x 11 copy for yourself, just click the image and grab.

I'd love it if you linked up.

Have an awesome, perfectly wonderful, stress-free day!

28 Jul 2014

Custom Blog Design for Mallory!

Ruby Slippers Custom Blog Design

Just finished this super hero custom blog design for Mallory over at Learning is our Superpower!

This is going to be her classroom blog.

I won't deny it ... I had a LOT of fun playing with these super heroes.

See you tomorrow for Tuesday's Show & Tell Linky!

22 Jul 2014

Social Media Blueprints ~ Show & Tell Tuesday ~ Giveaway

Hi Everyone!

Today I'm sharing my favourite pin of the week. It's courtesy of Jeff Berezny.

If you click the image you can find it on my techie pinterest board.

Amazing infographic, hey?  I use this kind of stuff all the time when I'm making banners. I love that Jeff has all the info in ONE handy dandy place.

Okay, it's your turn. If you have something you'd like to share (ANYTHING!) just hook up below (and be sure to grab this button:)).

BUT, before you go, be sure to head on over to Jasmine's blog where she's celebrating her 3rd Blogiversary. It's a BIG one! and I'm contributing three items from my stores (winner's choice).  Hope to see you there.  You have 4 more days to enter!

15 Jul 2014

Moving Header ~ Show & Tell Linky

Look closely at the tree below!

Can you see the butterfly fluttering out of it?

Ida, the lovely lady who blogs at In Love With Sunflower, asked me if I'd make one of her bugs move.

 photo ButterflyShare-1.gif

I've made lots of gifs before but wasn't sure if I could pull it off in a header.

But I did it and I'm really pleased with the results.

Thank you, Ida, for challenging me:)

If this is something you'd like done to YOUR blog, give me a shout and I'll see what I can do.

If you have something / anything, you'd like to share, please feel free to link up with my Show & Tell Tuesday.  It's an easy excuse for a fun blog post!

13 Jul 2014

Color Inspiration #5 & Paper Freebie

Source: Purchased from Deep Green

Isn't this fish beautiful?  I wish I could paint like that.

It's summer and I live within running distance of the beach so this lovely water colour seemed apropos for today's Colour Inspiration post.

The numbers on the colour swatches are the RGB hex colour codes.

I used the colours to make this paper for you. It's VERY rudimentary ~ haha ~ but it would be fun with some teacher products.  Sometimes simple is effective, right? Just nod and say YES!

You can click the image to grab from google drive.

If you grab it, please LIKE me on facebook.  Thanks!

11 Jul 2014

Custom Design for Melissa!

Melissa has a brand new look!

I'm a huge fan of clipart trees and really like the simplicity of this one....not to mention the little birds.

Need a new design?  I'm booking for August now.

Also, I'm having a quick little clipart contest on my FaceBook page where you have an EASY chance of winning some clipart of your choice from my Etsy shop.  (Just scroll down a bit and look for the pic of the kitchen drawers).

Happy Summer!

8 Jul 2014

Show & Tell Linky

Summer holidays are in full swing and I actually forgot what day it was!  I wanted to do this Tuesday Linky all summer and I forgot about two weeks in :)

Well, I didn't totally forget. It's 9:55 here on the West coast so I still have a couple of hours left.

What I'd like to share today is a cool new app I found (new to me, that is). It's called Roadshow and it's made by Fetch Softworks.

What's it for? It saves videos that you can play back later, even off-line!  That's a HUGE plus for me 'cause I'm often on the ferry travelling between Victoria and Vancouver and the wifi connection on BC Ferries is sketchy at best.

The free version, which I have, lets you save 15 videos (not sure if there's a size limit on each video). Right now I have 5 videos, each 30 minutes long, and it's working very well.

For $4.99 you can download unlimited videos AND you're spared the annoying ads.

There is a down side though ... it doesn't support YouTube videos or some others like Vimeo.

It's perfect for me though cause right now I'm taking a photography course with all the lessons on video.  I love sitting in the sun on the ferry deck, ear plugs in, listening to my lessons:)

If you have something you'd like to share (classroom stuff, design stuff, books you're reading, favourite pins etc.) feel free to link up. If your post has an image then I'll pin it on my Show & Tell board.